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New Product: 2nd gen MediaPAK module from Purafil offers leak-free air filtration

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MediaPAKProduct Briefing Outline: Purafil has introduced its 2nd Generation MediaPAK Disposable Plastic Module for clean air filtration systems. The module features the new Taper Fit Closure (TFC), which offers a quick-connect positive mechanical seal providing a leak-free zone. The TFC appears on each side of the module. When two or more modules are adjacent within the application, the TFCs unite to form a positive connection or seal.

Problem: A horizontal airflow system utilizing the Posi-Track functions has higher filtration efficiency than standard horizontal airflow system designs, which do not reduce air bypass within the system. The Posi-Track eliminates that bypass of air with its positive, self-sealing pressure, according to the company.

Solution: In addition to the TFC, the 2nd Generation MediaPAK module also features the Posi-Track technology (patent pending), an angled notch in the module's frame, which fits onto a corresponding angled frame to create a positive seal. The Posi-Track supports the system's modules on slanted tracking via a corresponding angled notch in the module's frame. With the new Posi-Track technology, the modules slide into the unit and use their weight to shift against the channel, producing up to 10 pounds of positive, self-sealing pressure. The primary elements of the Posi-Track technology are placement and the angle of the slanted tracking and corresponding notch. The correct placement and angle forces a positive seal with the tracking. The TFC and the Posi-Track combine to increase efficiency and reduce air bypass, and they are available with Purafil's MediaPAK PK-18 and PK-12 modules.

Applications: Cleanroom environments.

Platform: The MediaPAK module is constructed of polystyrene plastic, which ensures its sustainability in varying climates and environmental conditions. The module's rigid frame eliminates the possibility of bowing, which could cause air bypass within the system. This guarantees maximum system efficiency throughout the life of Purafil's dry-scrubbing media.

Availability: June 2007 onwards.

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