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New Product: UVision 4 defect inspection system from Applied handles patterning layers at 22nm

17 June 2010 | Wafer Processing
UVision 4 system from Applied MaterialsProduct Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has launched the ‘Applied UVision’ 4 wafer inspection system, enabling IC manufacturers to detect yield-limiting defects in the critical patterning layers of 22nm and below logic and memory devices. UVision 4 extends Applied’s DUV laser imaging technology to deliver the sensitivity and productivity needed to rapidly locate and identify defects previously unseen by any other inspection system. The UVision 4 system is already the tool of record at multiple leading flash manufacturers where it is used for 32nm production and in the development of 22nm and EUV lithography processes. Read more >>

New Product: Applied Materials’ InVia system tackles HAR liner film deposition for TSV structures

15 April 2010 | Wafer Processing
‘Applied Producer InVia’ dielectric deposition system. Product Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has added to its line of 3D chip packaging solutions with the launch of its ‘Applied Producer InVia’ dielectric deposition system. Using a unique CVD process and chemistry, the InVia system deposits the critical oxide liner film layer in high aspect ratio (HAR) through-silicon via (TSV) structures. Providing conformal coverage over the full depth of these challenging features, the InVia process enables robust electrical isolation of the TSV – which is vital for reliable device performance.  Read more >>

New Product: Crossing Automation enhances Spartan EFEM with 450 wafers per hour (wph) throughput

26 March 2010 | Critical Components
Crossing Automation enhances Spartan EFEM with 450 wafers per hour (wph) throughputProduct Briefing Outline: Crossing Automation has announced that it has improved its Spartan equipment front end module (EFEM) performance, enabling it to achieve 450 wafers per hour (wph) throughput. By upgrading Spartan’s production-proven software algorithms for wafer move paths, Crossing Automation now has the highest throughput capability of any commercially available EFEM, while maintaining Spartan’s established reliability and cleanliness performance. Read more >>

New Product: ASM‚??s new PowerFill epitaxial technology enables void free filling of deep trenches

21 January 2010 | Wafer Processing
Product Briefing Outline: ASM International has developed its ‘PowerFill’ epitaxial silicon (Epi Si) trench fill process, which enables void free filling of deep trenches with doped, epitaxial silicon. PowerFill is claimed to be about 3 times faster than competing processes, reducing manufacturing costs and creating an additional degree of freedom in power device design. Fairchild Semiconductor is the first customer to qualify the process for its advanced power management devices, having completed verification at its fab in Korea. ASM believes the new process enables power management devices and circuits to be realized in a smaller footprint thereby reducing die cost and form factor. Read more >>

New Product: SOLA xT from Novellus incorporates monitoring of ultra-violet thermal process

14 January 2010 | Wafer Processing
Product Briefing Outline: Novellus Systems has introduced its next-generation ultra-violet thermal processing (UVTP) system, the SOLA xT. The SOLA xT is used in the manufacturing of advanced logic devices at 45nm and below and incorporates a proprietary UVTP treatment process that modifies the physical characteristics of a previously-deposited film through exposure to ultraviolet light and heat. The new system, featuring on-board UV monitoring and a customizable optics assembly, provides process flexibility and extendibility over multiple device generations. The first SOLA xT system will be shipped to UMC's Fab 12i in Singapore. Read more >>

New Product: Eco-Snow technology improves efficiency of photomasks and reticle cleaning

14 January 2010 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: Eco-Snow's advanced, automated MaskClean 150 System is a dry CO2 alternative to conventional cleaning methods for removing particulate and light organic contamination from the surface of photomask substrates. The system is helping a major U.S. photomask manufacturer save money and improve the quality of its photomasks and reticles with a cleaning technology designed for the 28nm DRAM half-pitch technology node. The system reclaims masks by removing contaminants left behind by wet cleaning; preserves mask quality by reducing the number of erosive wet cleaning cycles required and reduces the cycle time required to create masks, since fewer cleanings are needed. Read more >>

New Product: Fujitsu makes enhancements to 3D mechanical CAD software

17 December 2009 | Wafer Processing
Product Briefing Outline: Fujitsu and Digital Process (DIPRO) have announced the development of ICAD/SX V6L2 (version 6, level 2), a software package supporting the three-dimensional design of machinery and devices, which is now available in Japan. The ICAD/SX series has been developed based on the concept of ‘digital verification,’
where the design and production preparation stages take place concurrently, allowing users to shorten the time involved with the design and production of machinery and devices. Read more >>

New Product: ‚??Applied’s millisecond laser anneal system tackles sensitive NiSi transistor layers

17 December 2009 | Wafer Processing
Product Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has introduced its new ‘Applied Vantage Astra’ millisecond anneal system used for transistor fabrication that enables faster, lower power consumption devices. Targeted for creating the sensitive nickel silicide (NiSi) transistor contact layers in 45nm and beyond logic chips the laser-based system can enhance drive current, and reduce gate leakage by an order of magnitude, helping to significantly increase device performance and yield. According to Applied, the compact design delivers more than twice the wafer output of competing systems and the lowest available cost of ownership (CoO). Read more >>

New Product: Dual polishing action enables Applied‚??s Reflexion GT CMP system higher productivity

08 December 2009 | Wafer Processing
Product Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has launched the ‘Reflexion GT’ system for advanced metal CMP applications.  The system’s novel dual wafer design is claimed to set new benchmarks in CMP performance and productivity, delivering superior profile control and 60% higher throughput than competing systems. The Reflexion GT also dramatically cuts consumables cost, requiring up to 30% less slurry and processing twice as many wafers per polishing pad. Read more >>

New Product: Applied iSYS fully-integrated abatement and vacuum pumping solution reduces energy use

02 December 2009 | Cleanroom
Product Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has unveiled its ‘Applied iSYS’ platform, the industry’s first fully-integrated abatement and vacuum pumping solution for controlling emissions in the semiconductor fab. Networked with an Applied process tool, the iSYS system can deliver typical annual savings in power, water and gas consumption equivalent to 200MWh of energy or 220,000 pounds of CO2 emissions, compared to currently available configurations. In addition to having environmental benefits, the iSYS system lowers the utility cost for abatement and vacuum pumping on a process tool by more than 20%. Read more >>