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Samsung Electronics snaps-up STT-RAM memory developer Grandis

02 August 2011 | Fab Management
Spin transfer torque random access memory (STT-RAM) developer, Grandis is being acquired by Samsung Electronics. The Silicon Valley-based firm will be merged into those Samsung's R&D operations that are focused on developing the next-generation of memory products. The acquisition includes the full scope of technology, assets and human resources of Grandis, though further details concerning the transaction were not disclosed.

TSMC backs-off grand capex plan due to softening demand: 28nm ramp delayed

28 July 2011 | Fab Management
Softening demand coupled to the need for an IC inventory correction in the third quarter of 2011, has meant leading foundry, TSMC has tweaked downwards by 5% its capital expenditure plans for the full year.  Instead of spending approximately US$7.8 billion, TSMC now expects to spend in the region of US$7.4 billion. TSMC said in a conference call that its 28nm ramp had experienced delays due to customers deferring migration of chips to the next node due to the global economic conditions, rather than due to any fabrication issues. Read more >>

IHS iSuppli raises semiconductor forecast

22 June 2011 | Fab Management
On cue, IHS iSuppli has gone in the opposite direction to Gartner and raised its forecast for semiconductor sales in 2011. IHS iSuppli expects global semiconductor revenue to reach US$325.9 billion, up from US$304.1 billion in 2010. This equates to growth of 7.2% compared to last year, which is being driven by consumer product purchases such as tablets and smart phones, according to the market research firm. Read more >>

Gartner lowers 2011 semiconductor forecast

21 June 2011 | Fab Management
Inventory corrections expected in the third-quarter of the year, due to ‘friction in the supply chain’ as a result of ‘residual effects’ from Japan and its supply constraints have led to Gartner lowering its semiconductor forecast for 2011. Worldwide semiconductor revenue is projected to total US$315 billion in 2011, a 5.1% increase from 2010 revenue of US$299 billion. However, this is down from Gartner's previous projection in the first quarter for a 6.2% growth year. Read more >>

Samsung to pay Spansion for patent licences at litigation ends

20 June 2011 | Fab Management
An agreement has been reached between Spansion and Samsung Electronics over a long-running patent dispute. Under the terms of the agreement, Spansion and Samsung have agreed to a seven year cross license of each other's patent portfolios.  As part of the overall agreement, Samsung will pay Spansion US$150 million over five years with an initial payment of US$25 million due in August 2011. Read more >>

New leadership at Globalfoundries; Doug Grose to become senior advisor

16 June 2011 | Fab Management
Citing the need to continue to meet customer demand for its semiconductor foundry services and plans to invest US$ billion in fab expansions on several continents, Globalfoundries has appointed Ajit Manocha as its new interim Chief Executive Officer, while James Norling will move to become Executive Chairman. Ibrahim Ajami will now serve as Vice Chairman of the board of directors. The current CEO since inception, Doug Grose will become a senior advisor to the foundry and owner, ATIC with a focus on technology leadership. Chia Song Hwee, Chief Operating Officer, will remain with the company in that position until August 2011, when he will return to be part of Singapore’s business future. All appointments were said to be effective immediately. Read more >>

Gartner revises semiconductor capex forecast as higher spending expected

15 June 2011 | Fab Management
Despite a slight spending decline expected in 2012, a revised capital spending forecast from Gartner highlights an overall increase in spending over the next four years, compared to a previous forecast. Worldwide semiconductor capital equipment spending is expected to reach US$44.8 billion in 2011, a 10.2 percent increase from 2010 spending of US$40.6 billion, according to Gartner. The next cyclical decline, according to Gartner should take place in late 2013, as the impact of memory oversupply takes its toll, once more. Read more >>

Applied Materials lowers wafer fab capital spending forecast

26 May 2011 | Fab Management
Despite record quarterly revenue and earnings, Applied Materials chairman and chief executive, Mike Splinter rattled-off a number of depressing conditions in a conference call to discuss quarterly results that were tempering short-term economic growth, which would impact orders at the equipment supplier. Read more >>

Intel widens gap with Samsung in IC Insights Top 20 IC rankings in Q1

19 May 2011 | Fab Management
As part of the soon-to-be-released May Update to The McClean Report, IC Insights has highlighted that the revenue gap between Intel and Samsung has widened in the first quarter of 2011. Last year, due to the demand for memory products, Samsung had closed the gap with the number one ranked IC producer to the closest level in Samsung’s history. According to IC Insights, Intel extended its lead over second-ranked Samsung by registering a 44% higher sales level than Samsung in Q1. Read more >>

Imec‚??s 2010 revenue tops ‚?¨285 million

03 May 2011 | Fab Management
Luc Van den hove, President and CEO at imecImec posted total revenue for 2010 at €285 million, including €42.7 million in grants from the Flemish government and €6.2 million from the Dutch government in relation to the Holst Centre in The Netherlands. Imec also noted that it employed 1,895 people, at the end of the year, an 8% increase over 2009, which included 336 residents – visiting researchers from partner companies and institutes - and 208 Ph.D. students. Read more >>