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Globalfoundries increases capacity of new 300mm fab

20 July 2009 | By Mark Osborne | News > Cleanroom

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Globalfoundries Fab2The shift to a foundry model goes deeper than a new name and logo, according to AMD spin-off Globalfoundries. With official groundbreaking at Fab2 in NY State expected to take place later this week, the new 300mm manufacturing facility has been redesigned since the announced spin-off to increase its capacity and improve tool layout that is both more cost effective and better suited to foundry operations, according to Thomas Sonderman, VP, Manufacturing Systems and Technology at Globalfoundries.

AMD Fab4XOriginally, AMD had planned the capacity at the then named Fab4X to be in the region of 25,000wspm (wafer starts per month), the same as its 300mm fab in Dresden, Germany.  Renamed Fab 2 by Globalfoundries the new fab will have a capacity of 35,000wspm when fully ramped.

Other important changes include a 2-level structure instead of the originally planned 3-level construction. This approach saves construction costs and simplifies facility support and tool hook-up systems.

Sonderman also noted that with the larger cleanroom area and new tool layout, Ion implant tools would be positioned on the edges, similar to the layout adopted by some of the major foundries, simplifying hook-up and tool management.

Construction timescales and ramp targets remain unchanged from previous Globalfoundries announcements.


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Reader comments

Is this another Quimonda in the making? Massive losses, 14 consecutive glorious quarters in fact, consolidated total losses approaching $9 billion, and no end in sight, and now GloFo losses steady at over $400M/Quarter. I ask, when will this company deliver a profit, run a cash flow positive business and secure one large client? Subsidies, IOUs, deferred charges and a never ending string of PRs depicting a bright future, always 1 yr away. How long will this charade last?
By Adolfo Gutierrez on 20 July 2009

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