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Silicon wafer revenues climb as shipments fall

07 February 2012
Unlike the PV industry that has seen wafer prices decline by as much as 70% in 2011, semiconductor silicon wafer revenue actually increased by 2%, while shipments decreased 3%. Though SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG) didn’t say why shipments were lower but revenue higher, consolidation in the market coupled to the continued migration to 300mm wafers at the expense of smaller sized substrates could be the key underlying reason for the trends in 2011. Read more >>

MEMC cuts workforce by 20% in attempt to reduce operating costs

08 December 2011
MEMCAn attempt to regain lost revenue has led to MEMC Electronic Materials’ decision to cut its global workforce by 20%, or over 1,300 employees. The cuts, only 250 of which will be from its US workforce, will see the company’s semiconductor segment reduced by 41% and its solar materials staff by approximately 47%. Among other activities, the company will also idle its 6,000MT Merano, Italy polysilicon facility, which it says it will close unless “dramatic feedstock, power and other cost reductions are achieved” in the near future. Read more >>

Air Products launches joint R&D project with China University of Geosciences

25 August 2011
Air ProductsAir Products has launched a research and development program into electronic materials in partnership with the Sustainable Energy Laboratory at the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, China. The project's aim is to accelerate the product development of materials for the microelectronics industry.

Product Briefings

EV Group unveils wafer bonding system for 450mm SOI wafers

13 July 2011
Product Briefing Outline: EV Group has introduced the semiconductor industry's first bonding system for 450-mm-diameter wafers manufactured from silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates. The EVG850SOI/450mm was created to support and facilitate the industry transition to 450mm wafers from the current 300mm standard. Read more >>

Surfscan SP3 from KLA-Tencor employs DUV illumination for higher defect sensitivity

13 July 2011
Product Briefing Outline: KLA-Tencor has introduced a new generation to the ‘Surfscan’ family of wafer defect and surface quality inspection systems. The Surfscan SP3 is claimed to be the  first unpatterned wafer inspection platform to incorporate deep-ultraviolet (DUV) illumination, enabling a dramatic improvement in sensitivity and throughput over KLA-Tencor’s previous offering, the Surfscan SP2XP. The Surfscan SP3 platform is also designed for extension to 450mm wafers. Read more >>

New Product: EV GroupÔ??s in-line metrology module option offers control for thin-wafer processing

24 June 2011
Product Briefing Outline: EV Group has introduced a new in-line metrology module for its EVG850TB automated temporary bonding and debonding systems.  This new metrology capability, which is now available as an option on the EVG850TB and EVG850DB platforms, allows customers to implement in-line process control for thin-wafer processing.  Read more >>

White Papers

Edition 38: The permeation resistance of polymers

27 January 2009
FT38By Chuck Extrand, Entegris, Chaska, Minnesota, USA - ABSTRACT - Polymers, commonly referred to as plastics, are widely used in the manufacturing of microelectronic devices. In addition to their many desirable properties, such as low cost, light weight, strength, ductility and ease of processing, polymers can be created free of metals and inorganic constituents that may interfere with sensitive clean room fabrication processes in multiple ways. For example, the loose molecular structure of polymers may allow the unwanted permeation of gases and simple liquids in fabrication facilities. This paper will provide a brief introduction to factors that influence permeation through polymers, discussing polymer structure background and its relation to permeation, and the influences of various polymer properties on permeation. Read more >>

Emerging materials in semiconductors

01 March 2008
Mark Thirsk & Mike Corbett, Linx Consulting LLC, Massachusetts, USA Read more >>

High-k/metal gate materials and processes for 32nm technology

01 December 2007
C. S. Park, G. Bersuker, S. C. Song, P. Kirsch & B. H. Lee, SEMATECH, Austin, Texas; R. Jammy, IBM assignee to SEMATECH