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The blog is written by Semiconductor Fabtech's Editor-in-Chief, Mark Osborne. Mark is also the Senior News Editor for Photovoltaics International and the PV-Tech website. He has launched multiple technology titles in print and online covering manufacturing in the automotive, shipping, semiconductor and solar sectors in a publishing career spanning three decades. Mark started blogging in 2005, the first technology editor to do so and has worked online since 1996. A veteran manufacturing technology journalist and editor, Mark as been responsible for a series of innovative formats for delivering technical content to an engineering-based audience.

AMD says 45nm quad-cores out of Fab 36 with aggressive ramp in 2H08

17 January 2008
45nm native quad-core internal samples have been fabricated at AMD’s Fab 36 with yields etc… as expected. Customer samples are due out in 2 to 3 weeks and engineering samples soon after, AMD executives said during its fourth quarter conference call. Read more >>

SOI takes hit but no knock-out

10 January 2008
One of the major users of SOI wafers has been Sony, who uses them for the Cell microprocessor. However, a story over at Semiconductor International highlights that Toshiba’s taking over production of the chip has led the company to consider moving the design to its bulk CMOS process instead. Read more >>

AMD‚??s asset-lite strategy lives not!

07 January 2008
To say that 2007 has been a complete mess for AMD is an understatement. Though at a recent financial analyst meeting in early December, AMD executives painted the picture that the AMD glass was half-full rather than half-empty! However, no one bought it, even after numerous referrals back to the point of optimism from the executives in attendance. Read more >>

Top 10 blogs of 2007

28 December 2007
The old adage that ‘bad news travels fast’ couldn’t be more evident in relation to one particular company in 2007: AMD. Read more >>

CIGS sold on eBay!

19 December 2007

Not your average eBay item up for grabs, rather a piece of photovoltaic technology history. Nanosolar, roll-to-roll Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide (CIGS) PV solar start-up, has put one of its first three production line commercially-produced PV modules (Panel #2) up for sale on eBay with a $10,300 starting price!


AMD says ‚??first to market is everything‚??!

19 December 2007
A third party press release from Magma Design Automation has a wonderful quote from Ward Vercruysse, CAD director, Computing Solutions Group at AMD, which is very amusing and a little surprising considering the Barcelona delays and errata problems now fully confirmed if not detailed. Read more >>

Lam Research after bigger share of FEOL single wafer cleaning market

11 December 2007
Having listened to the conference call covering last night’s announcement that Lam Research was acquiring SEZ, the main thrust for the move by Lam was to quickly put in place the infrastructure on a global scale to better serve its two new products that cover the plasma-based bevel-edge cleaning system called Coronus and its linear single wafer cleaning platform that has yet to be officially launched! Read more >>

Diamonds are a nuclear reactor‚??s best friend!

16 November 2007
Though off my beat, I found a press release from sp3 Diamond Technologies, a company involved in the semiconductor industry but with tentacles in many places announce that their technology is being used by Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The University is using the technology to evaluate the benefits of using diamond-coated reactors for the next generation of fusion reactors due to diamonds’ ability to withstand the intense heat involved in the process. Read more >>

TI‚??s green fab makes me go red!

16 November 2007
Texas Instruments has been playing the ‘green’ initiative a little too long now, in regard to its hyper-environmental-energy efficient 300mm fab known as R1. When the fab was built, I fully supported the hype surrounding its light sensors, grated windows, reflective roof and fish pond etc… but the story keeps coming back again and again about how great the achievements have been and what a model it is to the semiconductor industry! Read more >>

The mystery that is AMD Fab 38

13 November 2007
Several emails made their way to me yesterday, as did a few more this morning, that include some stories citing John Lau, a semiconductor analyst at New York-based Jefferies & Co., as saying that AMD is negotiating the sale of Fab 38 (previously Fab 30, 200mm) to TSMC. Read more >>