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The blog is written by Semiconductor Fabtech's Editor-in-Chief, Mark Osborne. Mark is also the Senior News Editor for Photovoltaics International and the PV-Tech website. He has launched multiple technology titles in print and online covering manufacturing in the automotive, shipping, semiconductor and solar sectors in a publishing career spanning three decades. Mark started blogging in 2005, the first technology editor to do so and has worked online since 1996. A veteran manufacturing technology journalist and editor, Mark as been responsible for a series of innovative formats for delivering technical content to an engineering-based audience.

Happy birthday NXP

27 August 2007
A press release today from NXP Semiconductors highlights some interesting aspects of the state of being ‘asset-lite,' as well as how time flies! Read more >>

AMD owns up!

23 August 2007
The San Jose Mercury News got the scoop of the week when it reported that Hector Ruiz had said in an interview with the newspaper that AMD had indeed experienced delays with the tape-out of its native quad-core Barcelona MPU. Read more >>

Picture this, Samsung!

23 August 2007
Oddly enough, there has been a spate of stories written about Samsung in Korean newspapers and from online media that have been vocal about the overall poor-performing Cheobol. Read more >>

Intel wants fun in the sun

17 August 2007
As rumors go, this is not as far-fetched as it seems! Read more >>

Welcome to Fabtech Jobs

16 August 2007
The whole team here at Semiconductor Fabtech have all been pitching in for a long time to finally launch a new area of the rapidly growing site. Some may have noticed the new Fabtech Jobs area online showing the site's logo on the homepage.

Apple - iDesign!

15 August 2007
If you are a chip supplier to Apple you already know all about it! Whether it's for Apple's iPod or iPhone you will know that the Cupertino, California-based company wields a lot of influence! Read more >>

Nokia attacks semiconductor companies

09 August 2007 | Comments (1)
The mobile handset market may never be the same again if Nokia's recent moves gain traction. Indeed, the impact of the largest and most competitive mobile phone player is already being felt by Texas Instruments, a long-standing large supplier of semiconductors to Nokia. Read more >>

Are foundries floundering at 65nm?

02 August 2007
There seems to have been a little hop and a skip but no meaningful jump into 65nm production at the leading foundries! Read more >>

AMD plays Monopoly with Intel and loses $60 billion

02 August 2007
No, I am not going to regurgitate AMD's paid-for study about how much Intel had earned over ten years based on the very hard-to-prove issue of their behaving in a monopolistic manner. Read more >>

AMD‚??s asset-lite strategy: in easy steps

27 July 2007
The issue of AMD's using TSMC for microprocessor fabrication hasn't gone away and remarks by Rick Tsai, TSMC's CEO and President have further fuelled the fires. Read more >>