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The blog is written by Semiconductor Fabtech's Editor-in-Chief, Mark Osborne. Mark is also the Senior News Editor for Photovoltaics International and the PV-Tech website. He has launched multiple technology titles in print and online covering manufacturing in the automotive, shipping, semiconductor and solar sectors in a publishing career spanning three decades. Mark started blogging in 2005, the first technology editor to do so and has worked online since 1996. A veteran manufacturing technology journalist and editor, Mark as been responsible for a series of innovative formats for delivering technical content to an engineering-based audience.

Saifun a snap

08 October 2007
Spansion's acquisition of Saifun has been spun as some kind of perfect partnership that will produce $ profits where Saifun failed on its own as an IP standalone entity. Read more >>

CapEx conundrum for 2008

04 October 2007
There is a murky grey mist covering most of the UK at the moment and visibility is rather poor. The revised Gartner CapEx spending forecast may be accurate from the point of view of what has happened this year, but there remains a considerable lack of clear visibility over the revised projections for 2008. Read more >>

Hynix in home run!

01 October 2007
According to Korean newspaper ET News, Hynix Semiconductor is planning to start placing equipment orders this month for its M11 fab currently under construction. Read more >>

Spot the memory

27 September 2007
DRAM prices are diving again, especially on the spot market, according to Hynix, who has pulled out of selling approximately 15 percent of its DRAM in that manner. The problem is that spot prices have fallen below production cost values once again as memory manufacturers continue to ramp fabs aggressively. Read more >>

Say sayonara to Sanyo Semiconductor

23 September 2007
If news stories coming out of Japan are correct, then Sanyo is selling its semiconductor division to a Japanese private equity firm, Advantage Partners, for something close to ¥100 billion. Read more >>

Hacked off!

20 September 2007
I would like to apologise to our many readers that we have been experiencing server problems this week and some stories and pages could not be viewed all of the time. The problem is due to some “unknowns” trying to hack into our server and we are dealing with these issues as best we can. Read more >>

Spansion: NOR no bore anymore!

19 September 2007
Spansion has officially announced that it has started production at its first 300mm fab, SP1. This is an important milestone for the NOR flash memory producer within its first year of becoming a public company. Read more >>

Spin wins with Intelā??s Fab 68

10 September 2007
Intel Corp. may have announced groundbreaking at its first front-end 300mm fab in Asia (Dalian, China) but more specifically, according to Intel in its press release; this symbolises Intel's manufacturing leadership, ability to cultivate engineering talent, acceleration of the growth of the IT ecosystem as well as Intel's culture of environmental leadership. Read more >>

Applied Materials v Oerlikon Solar - with a twist!

07 September 2007
Applied Materials' entry to the solar equipment manufacturing market just over a year ago is starting to make that market very interesting to watch and also to write about! Read more >>

AMD fab ramp update

06 September 2007
It has been some time since we covered manufacturing activity at AMD, with much of the news focused on the company's financial problems and delayed products. Read more >>