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‚??Velocity‚?? the new buzzword in Intel‚??s PQS annual awards

12 April 2012 | Fab Management
The usual suppliers that include the major sector players and host of Japanese firms dominated Intel’s Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) award system in 2011. However, the word ‘velocity’ has become the new measuring stick, with Nikon winning an ‘Achievement’ category award for ‘velocity.’ In total 19 companies received Intel’s PQS honour in 2011 and 2 companies as Achievement winners. In the Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) award category system, Intel acknowledged 9 suppliers in 2011. Read more >>


Toshiba to relocate Thai operations to new semiconductor facility

24 April 2012 | Cleanroom

Toshiba's Thai operations ground to a halt last year as floods devastated the countryToshiba has announced it will build a new production facility to relocate its semiconductor operations and redress the problems caused by the 2011 floods and to meet future growth demands. The plant, which will be operated by subsidiary Toshiba Semiconductor Thailand Ltd (TST), will be 135,000 square metres and be due for completion in the spring of 2013, production will begin in the subsequent months.


Carlos Lee appointed new director general of EPIC

17 April 2012 |

Carlos Lee has 15 years' experience in association and membership managementThe European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) has announced that Carlos Lee will become its new director general with immediate effect. The announcement, made at the association’s recent annual general meeting, will see Lee replace Thomas Pearsall, who has been with the organization since its formulation in 2003.


Centrotherm subsidiary joins Sematech‚??s FEP to research low-temperature processing techniques

10 April 2012 | Wafer Processing

The latest machines are installed at Cnetrotherm's base last yearSematech has announced that the centrotherm photovoltaics AG subsidiary, centrotherm thermal solutions, will join its Front End Program (FEP) to develop low-temperature processing techniques for use in high-performance logic and advanced memory applications such as metal oxide RRAM devices.



Spansion and SK Hynix announce NAND partnership

03 April 2012 | Fab Management

Tokyo Stock Exchange delists bankrupt Elpida

28 March 2012 | Fab Management

Tool Order: Himax Technologies places repeat order for EV Group‚??s IQ Aligner system

28 March 2012 | Wafer Processing

Tool Order: Camtek tapped for US$3.5 million worth of Falcon wafer inspection tools

27 March 2012 | Wafer Processing

Intel consolidates its lead as the world‚??s top chipmaker

27 March 2012 | Wafer Processing

Editor's Blog & Chip Shots

Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Reports: END OF AN ERA

28 July 2011 | Editor's Blog
There will be no further quarterly conference calls from VSEA, and that includes for the benefit of myself and anyone else that is interested in the ion implant space - to compare and contrast the niche but fascinating area of this semiconductor technology area. Read more >>

SEMICON West: Losing a job I didn‚??t know I had lost!

07 July 2011 | Editor's Blog
It’s that time of year again, when bags are packed and the semiconductor suppliers head-off to San Francisco for SEMICON West. Though not attending myself this year, due to an inconsiderate eldest daughter being in a stage show in London next week, I did find out that I have been sacked from a job I had undertaken for a few years that is organised by SEMI in conjunction with SEMICON West. Read more >>

If you can‚??t beat them buy them!

04 May 2011 | Editor's Blog

Intel to go revolutionary

26 April 2011 | Editor's Blog

Guest blog: A Perspective on the Impact of Japan‚??s Disaster

30 March 2011 | Editor's Blog

It all goes Pete Tong for Nikon!

29 March 2011 | Editor's Blog

Could energy supply be the near-term issue for Japanese IC industry?

15 March 2011 | Editor's Blog

Latest Jobs

EPIA: Business Development Officer

04 April 2012 - Brussels, Belgium

Activ Solar: Executive Director, Production

04 April 2012 - Ukraine, Zaporozhye and Kyiv

Solarbuzz: Solar Research Director

20 February 2012 - Open location - contact for more information

Total SA: Solar Research Scientist in c-Si solar cells ((10020212))

20 February 2012 - Leuven, Belgium

University of Illinois: Research Engineer - Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory

20 February 2012 - Urbana, Illinois

Going Places

Fujitsu announces corporate reshuffle

21 March 2012

Kazuhiro IgarashiFujitsu’s board of directors has approved the following appointments, resignations and promotions effective from April 1, 2012. The announcement includes the appointment of Kazuhiro Igarashi and Yoshihiko Hanada as the company’s two new corporate senior VPs. All 44 executives, other than those mentioned below will remain in their current posts.


CFO shuffling at ST

20 February 2012
Carlo FerroSTMicroelectronics CFO, Carlo Ferro is to head-up operations at struggling ST-Ericsson as chief operating officer of the company. Mario Arlati, ST’s chief accounting officer will take on the CFO role at STMicroelectronics. Read more >>

Voltaix names Peter Smith as CEO

09 November 2011
Peter Smith has been appointed CEO at Voltaix.Peter Smith has been brought on as CEO during a reshuffle at Voltaix. He is replacing Mark Fine who served as interim CEO since January 2010. He will have responsibility for a number of the company's strategic initiatives and will oversee relationships with distributor partners world-wide. Fine is taking up the post of president, in place of John de Neufville, who will continue as the company's chief scientist, overseeing chemical research and end-use applications development. Read more >>

Product Briefings

SPIE 2012: Tachyon FMO provides effective hotspot repair for advanced mask correction

13 February 2012 | Lithography
Product Outline: Brion Technologies, a division of ASML, has launched the Tachyon Flexible Mask Optimization (Tachyon FMO), part of ASML’s Holistic Lithography portfolio. Tachyon FMO is claimed to enable the seamless use of multiple Optical Proximity Correction (OPC) techniques in a single mask tapeout, permitting the use of advanced and computationally intensive OPC in key local areas where they provide maximum benefit. Read more >>

New Product: Applied Materials new EUV reticle etch system provides nanometer-level accuracy

19 September 2011 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: Applied Materials has introduced its new ‘Applied Centura Tetra’ EUV Advanced Reticle Etch system. The new systems is claimed to overcome a major hurdle to the adoption of EUV lithography by solving the critical and unmet challenge of etching EUVL photomasks with nanometer-level accuracy and world-class defect performance to enable the fabrication of multiple new generations of high-performance semiconductor chips at the 16nm node and below. Read more >>

New Product: ASML Brion‚??s Tachyon MB-SRAF enables OPC-like compute times

19 September 2011 | Lithography
Product Briefing Outline: Brion Technologies, a division of ASML, has launched a new product for its Tachyon computational lithography platform. Tachyon MB-SRAF (Model-Based Sub-Resolution Assist Features) is said to enable the high-speed, full-chip processing of advanced chip designs with larger process windows, greater productivity, and lower development costs than rule-based alternatives. Read more >>

Recruitment News

Rudolph Technologies appoints new Vice President and General Manager

22 October 2010
After a two-year term at solar equipment supplier Spire, Dr. Avishai Kepten has returned to the semiconductor equipment sector as Vice President and General Manager of Rudolph Technologies, Metrology Business Unit. Dr. Kepten had previously spent six years at Novellus Systems, as Director of Technology and Director of New Product Development of the Electrofill Business Unit.     Read more >>

Facility Manager‚??s Development Program ‘09 begins in September

22 July 2009
CREATEArizona State University's (ASU) developed training program for professionals has announced details for the 2009 ‘Facility Manager's Development Program' (FMDP), due to start in September this year. Read more >>

Axcelis cuts one-fifth of global workforce

22 May 2009 | Comments (1)
Further to its approximately 14% cut in staff numbers in October 2008 – only seven months ago, Axcelis Technologies, Inc. has again announced that it is letting staff go in a further attempt at cutting operating costs to stay competitive. Approximately 235 staff, or 20% of its global workforce will be axed from the company’s books, yielding an estimated $25 million in savings per annum. Read more >>

Special Features

Lithography efficiency: a cost comparison model

21 October 2010

By Sven Grünzig, Nemotek Technologie, Rabat, Morocco

ABSTRACT - This paper presents a calculation model and conclusions with focus on the comparison of low-throughput and high-throughput lithography clusters via an analysis of the lithography Cost of Ownership (COO) and applied data of the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and Overall Factory Efficiency (OFE).


300mm activity report: Special Memory Focus

01 March 2008
Mark Osborne, Editor-in-Chief, Semiconductor Fabtech

300mm activity report: January to April 2008

01 March 2008 | Comments (1)
Mark Osborne, Editor-in-Chief, Semiconductor Fabtech